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Customer and Local Services (CLS) brings together a wide range of front-line Government Services with a vision of making it easy for customers.

Ian Burns, Chief Officer, Customer and Local Services

We are also responsible for delivering more services in the community and establishing a stronger relationship with Parishes and the voluntary sector. CLS puts customers at the heart of everything we do and supports Islanders through almost all stages of life such as having a baby, moving to Jersey, getting married, looking for work or planning your retirement.

Here’s a flavour of some of our key functions.

Support families and working age customers ensuring benefits such as income support, sickness allowance and parental allowance are there to support islanders when they need them.

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Support Islanders who are currently seeking work with employment advice and support with CV writing, job applications and interview preparation. It also helps customers who have barriers to moving into employment with tailored support and training.

Provide a variety of benefits and proactive services to pensioners and those receiving long-term care.

Offer first line of support for businesses with business licensing, employer contributions, and proactive support to fill employment vacancies with Back to Work candidates.

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Provide a front of house service in one of our key sites in La Motte Street, welcoming and triaging customers to the correct area of specialist support. The team also give dedicated customer service on areas such as Registration Cards, Passports and Customs and run the Government Cashiers service which covers a range of responsibilities, including paying out high value winning lottery tickets!

Not only does Hub Support provide support to all services within CLS it also acts as a fantastic introductory role for individuals looking to start a career within CLS to find out more please contact

Support a range of voluntary and community functions and services includes the town library and the library in the Communicare community centre, Office of the Superintendent Registrar, Crematorium and Disability and Inclusion, Connect Me and Closer to Home services. 

Project professionals are responsible for delivering the change program in CLS’s business plan. Our Systems Analysts support and lead development of our IT business systems, and our Information Analysts provide complex insights across our data to support decision-making and operational processes.

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Champion the voice of customers and customer centered design across Government. The team are responsible for gaining customer insight and facilitating learning and improvements. The dedicated Continuous Improvement function supports the department with process improvements, removing waste to create streamlined services.

We have many pivotal areas that support CLS; Risk and Governance, Operational Support, Fraud and Enforcement, Change and Projects, Customer Experience. We are also supported by corporate Finance, People Services and Modernisation and Digital teams.

Our key projects for 2024


Customer Strategy

We will use customer insight to improve customer journeys, increase customer satisfaction and reduce effort. We will roll out a Customer Experience development programme for colleagues and have a focus on driving improvement through focussing on end-to-end customer experiences of life events such as starting a business and end of life.



This programme will deliver a major redesign of all our services to focus on customer needs and aligning to our Customer Strategy. Services will be re-designed around customers' life events, with a ‘digital first’ approach.


Disability strategy

We will work with other Government departments and multiple external stakeholders to improve social inclusion by delivering the GoJ Disability Strategy and supporting diversity. The findings & trends from the 2021 campaign and research will guide the specific focus and prioritisation.



We will continue to support those who have become unemployed in finding new employment.


People Strategy

We are committed to providing ongoing investment in our people, their training and wellbeing, underpinned by comprehensive workforce planning activities.